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Rants and Ravez


There are a lot of things in our world that generally just piss me off. There are a lot of things that piss other people off as well but this is my rant and rave. In the last year or so Iíve been thinking more critically I would say. I have started analyzing things for a deeper meaning and understanding. Maybe Iím just getting oldÖ No thatís not it; maybe I am just searching for a meaning to life. I wish to understand things for myself and make my own logical conclusions. The following manifesto is purely opinion and is just that. Whether you like it or not this is how I feel and will continue to feel about issues that are affecting my life and the way I am able to live.

this section is for my rants and raves. I wrote a paper for a Creative Writing class that was exactly that. Rants and Raves. I'm going to post some of those here. I will add more in the future as I go through my journals and other things I write stuff down in. I have written other stuff; stories etc. that i will post under the writing section.

The original word document of my rants is available. My friend Tye then replied and we had sort of a mini debate. Both of those files can be downloaded below.

Debate: Tanner vs Tye

Word Documents:

Other Rants

Tanner Vs Tye

Gay/Homosexual Marriage
George Bush (G Dub)
Gay/Homosexual Marriage
G Dub




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